सिंगर Justin Bieber को Ramsay Hunt syndrome से हुआ Paralysis, जानिए क्या है ये? | Sehat ep 424

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Welcome to The Lallantop’s 424th episode of Sehat. Your daily health show. In today’s episode: 1. Find out what is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome that caused paralysis in singer Justin Bieber. Dr Rohit Gupta, Chairman, Neuro Sciences, Accord Hospital, Faridabad explains its causes, symptoms, and treatment. In the next segment, find out how to take care of your health in monsoon. Last but not the least, here’s how much ghee you should add to your diet. Rekha Gupta, Dietician & Nutritionist, Rekha’s Diet Clinic, Varanasi reveals. Watch the video for details.

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