✅ Seeing Rachel McAdams’ moles in Fire Saga allowed me to finally love my own

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✍  I have a lot of moles. Last time I checked, there were seven on my face, 15 on my left arm, 18 on my right arm, and so many on my back that I’ve never managed a full count.  If you’re being poetic, I’ve got constellations on my skin. If you’re being realistic, I got bad sunburn as a kid and now I look like a chocolate chip cookie.  Like many people with visible differences on their skin, I’ve spent a lot of time hating my moles because they set me apart. But earlier this week, I had a welcome revelation while watching the film Eurovision Song Contest: Fire Saga.  It’s a film that follows Lars (Will Ferrell) and Sigrit (McAdams) on their journey to perform at Eurovision. While great, it wasn’t the plot that held my attention most.  I realised part way through that Rachel McAdams was moley. Like me. And not just a teeny little freckle mole. She’s got a proper, significant, raised mole on the side of her face which, for once, wasn’t covered by airbrushing, her hair or make-up.  And i …


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