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Leo Messi is one of the best footballers in history, he has fans all over the world and among footballers too! Check out what some of the game’s best ballers have said over the years about Leo Messi’s talent.


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Tunde Makinde says:

Generally sometimes I don't like these videos it is bias most of the time

GuRu PraTeeK says:

I was thinking yaya toure would make it up in the list

Alexander Montanez says:

Its crazy to see that many people still don’t respect him for every mistake he makes if he scores 1 free kick the next should go in, if he doesn’t make a good pass he is not good like he is human too and even the greatest makes mistakes

Alexander Skrubbeltrang 8B Rønbækskolen says:

7 billion people is impressed…

Sriram Chandran says:

He is the best of all time… He wasn't praised all along his career.. He went through a lot… There were times where everyone looked down on him but now they praise him and call him the best!!
That sums up everything!! 🐏
Well wait… Zlatan says it so yeah that sums it up.. 😂🤣

Syed Saad says:

It's a good video but should have made a video of all the neutral players and managers who think that Messi is the best player and yeah that video is also easily possible

Kishore Kumar says:

Impress? No. Leo surprises everyone by his magic. He is out of this world.

Wahyes OSM says:

Messi messi messi messi

Football Club says:

Who is the best ?

Messi fans like here 👍👍👍

Neymer fans comment here 💜💜💜

footballvie says:

bonjour nous sommes nous aussi une chaine qui parle du foot nous ne faisons pas encore un contenu aussi bon que oh my goal mais nous travaillons alors si vous le voulez bien allé voir notre chaine football

Aman says:

4:32 that girl🤗😍

_ Xeno says:

Never knew Xavi knows how to speak English 🤔

Swarnavo Ganguly says:

oh my goal is a messi fan

Catherine Monroe says:

Remember that messi is the only reason Barca lost at Anfield he kept missing easy chances all the time

Catherine Monroe says:

Messi has to go. He's been terrible this season

Catherine Monroe says:

The prestigious New York university did research and found out that Obafemi of Southampton is more impactful on the pitch than messi

Catherine Monroe says:

Its about time that barca replace messi with a more enthusiastic forward like joelinton of newcastle

Aziza Amin says:

OMG: "11 players" who were impressed by messi

Meanwhile thousands of cricket,rugby,golf players: so you mean we are not impressed?

Octávio De Almeida says:

Why are we still comparing him with Ronaldo? Oh My Goal make a video ending this debate.
1st. He is a more complete player than Ronaldo
2nd. If he played for Madrid we wouldn't be having this discussion
3rd. In terms of individual performances Messi provides more than Ronaldo
4th. CR7 fans dont get me wrong he is a good player, he really is, he may not won 4 cl in the past 6 seasons, has 0 awards with AFA but in modern era football you dont win trophies alone. Ronaldo didnt won these tittles by himself, he was surrounded by a TEAM just like Messi was when Guardiola was there, when Luis Enrique was there.

100 subscribe is my goal says:

If barca without messi barca is nothing

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