17 Tennis Points That Made Roger Federer Smile! 😊

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Coach Kelly says:

When you get this kind of reaction from Fed you know that shot was incredible

sheru4444 says:

No Nadal? No Djokovic!!

Adrian Troickic says:

Do one for Rafa because he's always serious on court 🙂

Mikołaj Sobczyk says:

That point with Hewitt :O:O

nir S says:

"are you kiding from close range forget about it"

Nicolas Föhn says:

I love when Federer smiles it is so contagious🙂

AnandBS says:

Federer's smile from Toronto 2006 match against Dimitri Tursonov on his birthday, after swearing in the 3rd set, is missing.
That video is not included in any of the compilations so far…

Nicolás Palma says:

3:07 WTF was that forehand??!! He hit a MOSTER SHOT right after the bounce from the baseline that's crazy!

RI7 BH says:

rare footage of federer smiling

The AViator says:

6:00 The way Roger covered his face!! Cheeky but embarrassed

SainyaHokage says:

Nice collection of points! Most of them I have never seen them before. If I was Goran I would have picked up the racket and smashed it again.

The AViator says:

1:24 Lmao deja vu!

The AViator says:

0:38 When the quiet kid makes a fire comeback

The AViator says:

In the first point Federer’s headband almost makes him look like he has a bowl cut or a 2012 Justin Bieber hairstyle

Felix Y says:

Everyone's happy when Roger puts a smile in front of audience or camera.

That's smile tells everything, the difference between Federer and Djokovic.

Karamveer Singh says:

That shot against roddick is underrated

Pasupathy V says:

Always seeing Roger Federer videos..Try some new videos for Rafael nadal

Guilherme Dias says:

Absolutely genius

Haider N says:

3:09 Roger's scream at Gonzales rocket FH👌😂😂😂 Miss you champ😿👋 ,hope to see in 2021 & make another great comeback just like that one in 2017✌🇨🇭

Michael Wirth says:

1000 views?!?! This is fantastic!!

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