50 Ridiculously Good POWER SHOTS by Roger Federer

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PJ ChJ says:

Federer is the best forehand inside out🔥 so natural action , speed , effortless

FaZzop 2019 says:

8:12 Federer's best performance against Rafa in Grand Slams.

Alexander Kings says:

Gotta love angry Federer, hammering all the shots.

Andre Gaming says:

You forgot the 2006 US Open forehand against Davydenko and the neo backhands from AO and IW 2017

Vito Abbate says:

Will come back, sure. Wimby 2021(21 slam).👍

CMDR Fulwsiso says:

9:30 Last two are insane

Liliana Tallone says:

Roder feder e alto snelo belo kome andoleto afacinante belisim ragazo kome sole miei sinceri saluti Liliana mitkova di Svizzera i bulgaria

420 Benton says:

I hope Fed comes back in 2021 has one more outstanding season similar to 2017. Let's go Roger!!

Liliana Tallone says:

Roder e esenio di leone belo forte kome me io sono esenio di verdine bela forte intelidente kome roder e vado molto dakordo kon esenio leone lomo

Press and Hold ! says:

Would be amazing to see him win Monte-Carlo in 2021

Liliana Tallone says:

Roder feder e forte belisim tenesist komplimenti miei sinceri saluti Liliana mitkova di Svizzera i bulgaria

Liliana Tallone says:

Roder Fender super bel ragazo e belisim kome sole Liliana mitkova di Svizzera i bulgaria

tlonsinkie says:

The one versus Haas was 104 mph.

Methawut Apikitmetha says:

Miss him so much.

Raz Ols says:

500 likes for this video? Let's go guys!

DarkMonk says:

Not first, but early 🙂

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