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How do you stop Leo Messi? Is it even possible? 6 defenders that have faced Messi share their unique insight and leave their own tips as to how you can stop one of the most electric players in the history of football.

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Anthony Disla says:

No one can stop a 🐐🐐🐐

Reneh Toma says:

There's a reason why he's called the goat.

Tadiyah Fraser says:

Ramos & Pepe !!

Nafta P-N says:

Dont get ankle breaked
Joust ask boateng

Odegaard 21 says:

Ramos = foul him
Pepe = no kill him

Krishna Mohan M says:

0:16 that acceleration is minblowingly sexy.

D.J. Jaar says:

Why don’t you ask Ramos/varane how to stop messiπŸ˜‚ or van dijkπŸ˜‚βœŒπŸ½

TheAlmightySpacePotatoe says:

Guy in the thumbnail was playing rugby 🀣

Vadi Vehlan says:

If I were defender and play against Messi, I will surrender to Messi and say please forgive us. Let us win this time. 🀣🀣🀣

Rick says:

And messi after watching this
Messi: Time to make some upgrades.😈😈😈

Subhranil Kundu says:

Manolas laughing silently

SoccerX says:

Use the Italian way you might get lucky

Ronaldinho 10 says:

Me:How to stop Messi? Thinking
After few minutes
Me:Just pause the video it's simple πŸ˜…

Erik Frederiksen says:

Look only at the Ball when he has it never at his body.


Michael Quain says:

Iceland defenders stopped him in WC

Jubaer Khan Joy says:

The most effective one? It's Chiellini's way! πŸ˜‚

Diyan Camilleri Tabone says:

These are useless because messi is unstoppabel

Sarangi Soutrik says:

Most successful way to stop Messi: become his coach.

Mario3 Fonta says:

The only true way to stop Messi is..
Tell the coach u hv and injury
Play in attack
Beg not to be in starting line up
Show him a world cup or copa america
Use thanos gloves to erase his legs

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