Angelina Jolie's Major Legal Win In Custody Battle With Brad Pitt | E! News

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The “Maleficent” actress just scored a major legal battle on grounds of technicality against her ex Brad Pitt in their custody child case. Watch!


Yolande Brink says:

Brad should just give her the kids and go on with his life

Yolande Brink says:

Angelina is a monster

Marina Moscow says:

Go Angie!!!

Divine Commerce says:

Brad looks like a Venice Beach hobo. The binge drinking years were not kind to his face.

Maddie says:

Jeez getting divorced since 2016

Mara Lerner says:

By the time this divorce battle is over there kids will be over the age of 18 and there will be no custody battle anymore 🙄

THE TRUTH magic says:

Good that's his karma. I'm glad to see them fall l. They would act like their sh*t didn't smell… I love seeing them destroy each other

shondamob123 says:

I wonder if Brad has any regrets in marrying Angelina. I just wonder 🤔

N says:

Is this Bob The Drag Queen doing the voice over? lol

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