Average Pokimane Watcher #shorts

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G-man says:

Bro be lookin like a princess bed bro his forehead is the largest part of his face

xXxDiamondTigerxXx says:

Turn this guy to the next veshremy

Sky High says:

Going to be 100% editing really not that hard thinking of something not hard steal it

golira smoking says:

You cannot be serious, this is clearly satire 💀💀💀

Red_Phoenix05 says:

I think it's so funny that everyone took this so seriously the entire thing on TikTok was a big joke.

Genesis Barker says:

as an ex 9 to 5er content is so fricking easy like i don't make much but I sit on my butt and I talk to a camera… maybe amazon will take me back

darkstalkerknight63 says:

They are scientifically correct. It been proven that a desk jobs are actually more physically and emotionally and mentally harder then a warehouse job. And it is even more when you have to make it yourself.

3D crackers says:

Boo hoo 😢

Shadowbomb77 says:

Bro it's hard enough just to make content

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