Bartomeu SPEAKS on Lionel Messi's Future, Ronald Koeman & BIG Squad Overhaul?

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Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu spoke following Barça’s humiliating Champions League defeat to Bayern Munich. With Lionel Messi’s future on the agenda, along with the appointment of Ronald Koeman. Plus the potential of a big squad overhaul this summer. Who do you think could leave the club?


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MoreTalkFCB says:

I know a lot of you weren't able to watch the Bartomeu interview… lucky you! But here are some of the most relevant quotes on Messi, Koeman & player sales. What's your thoughts on the 'untransferable' list… and also about who's not there?

Philippe Agogho says:

I know this is off topic but today is my birth day!!

Tj Kim says:

I would definitely wish to keep Roberto. He's not the best player, but he's a fantastic squad player. That kinda depth and versatility is difficult to get and should be kept. Semedo does make sense, as there are very few particularly fantastic rb that clubs are willing to sell. Combine with the fact that Semedo is actually a very decent player, though severely limited, it is understandable. I do believe Semedo could be recognized as even one of the best rb if played in the right system, with better physical and mental preparation. Of course, he wouldn't be one of the best, but he could appear to be with the right conditions. He's also quite the consistent player in terms of what he brings to each game. It can be a weakness, a limitation, or the predictability can be honed to efficient usage.

Bright Ajoku says:

Let semedo go please we don't need him any more

musa jobe says:

How can you put semedo in the list of untouchables and leave Roberto out of it who is obviously better than he is🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

musa jobe says:

How can you put semedo in the list of untouchables and leave Roberto out of it who is obviously better than he is🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

Shinglai John says:

I love to see Messi moving pliz.

Leo Kovac-Zrakic says:

I really don’t want Grezmann to be untoucheble. He’s on over 400.000 euros per week, how can Bartomeu talk about the wage problem and at the same time overlook something like Griezmann and his wages? He should be the first one out the door in my opinion.

Mesmerize says:

i didnt like it when barca sign coutinho..i was a regular watcher of premier league..and i was surprised when they sign coutinho with that big money..i thought that was a joke..they sign a average player with big money..what a joke this club had been under this clown president..i think he has delusion of grandiosity..he knows nothing about football but thinks that he knows everything..joker clown idiot ..he ruins messi s final year with this..i am so sad for messi..he deserve better much much better..he should leave cause this club takes time to establish again..i dont want to see messi s final year in vain

Vineet Verma says:

Jammie I don't think semedo was bad that night, but the fact is Alfonso davis was soo good because when you look at starting 20 minutes of that game semedo was ok i guess maybe the best player of barca at that moment. And jammie it's not about just one single match.

Quadeca Ben says:

Semedo should fuck off as far away as possible from my club.

Mr. Be. says:

Koeman is a dreamer, should have stayed loyal to Holland. Messi needs to go ASAP. Delusional president needs to walk off a cliff.

Swaraj Verma says:

A true Barca fan would criticize the current Board's bad decision but would be the first one to acknowledge the honest ones … Great work Jamie… Great analysis… I always felt Coutinho wasn't used properly by Valverde and must be given a chance… He is one of the best in the current game and someone who can create magic moments. Let us show faith in him.

Patrik Fredriksson says:

So Ansu and Rique could leave?

Namar khan says:

Coutinho is not important for FCB for FCB ansu osman messi greazman are important so why fcb pick courtinho again and wast money on courtinho

Yousif A.Elrahim says:

Thank you for the quick update.

Echwe Lopamoi says:

Please koeman should keep my small coutinho

yuricko sangma says:

With koeman Barca is already death rip to alll🤣

Amos orofe Kennedy says:

I completely disagree with the fact that Griezman being considered among the untouchable players,and with regards to Dembele and Coutinho I do believe they should be given more chance to explore their potentials

Yousif A.Elrahim says:

I think Semedo and Rafinia should go.

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