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I hope you enjoy this video!! I’m not sure why the intro was laggy I tried to fix it like 10 times and then gave up lol

Intro Made by Fawucha:…

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Recorder – Bandicam *full paid version*/i lost my code :'( buying it again soon…
Editor – Sony Vegas Pro 16/ after effects


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I forgot :p

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Hazel Parker says:

woah the end result was amazingggggg

Roselyn Briones says:

Hey I’m a new subscribe (:
I love your videos ❤️
Slay it!!!
Btw I’m rosiana5 (:
Keep up the good work 😁

Hazel Parker says:

Ur editing makes this so enjoyable <3

umcleo says:

Here from the ab!! Emogreengirl543!

Flutora says:

you know you're early when theres only 23 likes and 1 dislike

Edit: theres an heart. i-

Babý Yøđa says:

Here from ur gw
user:sugar caneMoonstone

nikky x says:

frr talking videos are so awkss 😭

iiGalaxy _ says:

hey it’s me melody41305

mar says:

it’s the please stand by for me 😭😭 – { nicole is pretty }

Eve The Nugget says:

Hey (princessitzkrystal)

Sproxi says:

Hi! It's Chia Moon on USA. ;o, liked, subbed, notification bell, and sharing ab!

nittoburn4 says:

Hiiiii. Here from the artbook. <3<3 I commented "Im going now <3<3" lol XD (Im GlitterCritter525)

gaming yasmine says:

hey its me diamonddiva

Kelsey O'Shea says:

hiii im here from msp

Helena says:

Your intro is everything omg

Great video!!!
Also my users: US ~ !!supergwen!!

Sophie Covarrubias says:

EARLYYYY user: lXIx3sophie3xIXl

Melvin F says:


pluto xox says:


xhAsOx Bystax says:

First Comment!!

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