CHRIS EDGERLY, VOICE OF PATHFINDER: Interviews Shantel VanSanten, Voice of Wraith (Highlights)

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Shantel’s Lung Force team page:
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What Chris uses for a sore throat:
Chris’ favorite stream snack:
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Personal Appearances: @CloverTLNTBkng

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Ege Saranli says:

Do an interview with Fryda Wolff, voice of Loba.

Esssche SSS says:

I think Shantel VanSanten is prettier than wraith

Silvagadron says:

Hmnn, I think Shantel would look good if she were bald(!)

XxSELINAxX says:

Never know mirage wear eyeliner.

Centurast says:

omg i watched her from the flash and now look where she is

Wrong Think says:

She could create a portal to my gaff anytime!

FBI-Fipo says:

Shantel(wraith):i don't have emotions
Chris: neither do i expect Happy!

Dawgsome says:

Me when Chris does the Gobber voice:


jaden says:

Wraith and Pathfinder mains, wya?

Mahdi says:

Shows the entire interview
I see what you did their

Shadow 95 says:

The top 2 legends on rank wraith and pathfinder

Gaming with PURG3 anarchy says:

She's so hot

Emiliano Fang says:

Long live for wraith

MkThUndrwd says:

"Let's just say: 'a little birdie told me all about you'."

"I may be smiling, but that also means I'm happy."

David says:

Imo Top 5 VA for apex
Loba (tops Octane now)

LiberalTears says:

Wraith: I don’t have emotions
Pathfinder: neither do I!

Mitch Mag says:


BLurzKi says:

You were meant to be pathfinder 👍

THEMAN 69 says:

Do revenant

Slippery Frog says:

Wraith main lol just look at my icon

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