Closed On Sunday – The Worshicken / Kanye West

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Worshickers, I have a special cover for this week! I hope you like it!

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Original song by Kanye West. Music (Instruments) for this video recorded by The Worshicken Band.

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MyFaceBeHi says:

Thank you worshicken, very cool

JuntosECoizados ! says:

You will do The Blessing ? Kkkkk

Colours Of Nigeria says:


Byron Kyle Paschke says:

Stick to what you know. Christian music. One foot in the world is not helping the cause.

Philip Kyazze says:

Love it ❤️

Natan Felipe says:

I loved when he said puk puk puk puu

Sarah C says:

So fantastic! ❤

Damany Brown says:

See Exodus 20:8-11, it should be closed/closing on Saturday the 7th and final day of the week; the Sabbath!!!

Marcus R says:

I've never clicked a notification so fast

Tecmo Serial Bowl says:

Best version of this song yet. Fantastic!

Grant Labutis says:

You've come so far dude 👌 glad to be one of the first subs.

Lisa Fisserman says:

Wait.. This song is partially about chick fill a… And those are chickes.. 😳

Sam Beguely says:

birds of a feather flock together

Trinity Cook says:

This is so funny 😂 I LOVE IT!!

SRP 96 says:

I love the video worshicken!

Sarah B says:

Such a powerful message 💜

Weston Ney says:

These are some good chicken wRAPs.

Lisa Fisserman says:

I love the video clip!

Jesse Lopez says:

After listening to this I was able to walk on water, thanks worshicken.

Trinity Cook says:

Hey 👋 I love your videos you guys are amazing!

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