Conversations at Home with Jennifer Connelly of SNOWPIERCER

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A Q&A with Jennifer Connelly on SNOWPIERCER. Moderated by Mara Webster.

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Young Son says:

Love the character Melanie. She is kind of badass. Every time she goes to the front carriage she is the one who makes a decision to have sex with his love interest. She always says that to the other engineer “ you have the train 🚞 “ and takes the guy out of that carriage.. I kind of like it. It feels like she has the power and she represents a kind of woman power. Well she is the power after all. Love Jeniffer as a actor. Great 👍 performance.

Jacob Saul says:

Beautiful and possibly the most beautiful woman in my life.

Bonker Wonker says:

Wow Jennifer looks so young!

דוראל ברקוביץ says:

She is incredible, I love her

Cynthia M. Nakowa says:

Snow piercer is so good!!!!!

Kalle Bioebau says:

i would give anything to have a beauiiful and intelligent girl like her at my home…Bettany you lucky guy…

The End says:

👑 Very ill looking🍷

V.D says:

I can watch her talking all day long

I. Ron Nick says:

I love you Jennifer.

Ronald Holmes says:

So brilliant, so beautiful, such a kind person.

Blleid Blleid says:

Love Jennifer 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘🌹🤗

Alexander says:

I remember in a movie called creepers in the us it was called.

Terry Reaves says:

Yes, absolutely one of the most beautiful people on Earth. Love her, always have. Just killer gorgeous and stunning. 🥰

Son of Odin says:

Wow she is still so beautiful I miss watching her in the good old days

Madaraxta says:

Still gorgeous

Eddie Coyle says:

That A to A scene she did in 'Requiem for a Dream' was hot as hell

Daniel Talbott says:

I hope you're alive and doing well.

Johnny V says:

Omg my favorite actress have a big crush on you since the 80's still do. 💕

Zman H says:

I have been a fan of hers since the labyrinth She's a goddess

Geralt Rivia says:

Jennifer has such a beautiful smile love the thumbnail

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