Cristiano Ronaldo's most UNFAIR and Heartbreaking Football Moments…..

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Vesmonic Presents – Cristiano Ronaldo’s most UNFAIR and Heartbreaking Football Moments (EMOTIONAL)

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v3smonic says:

I feel sorry for this man, he always gives his best!

Pradhanya Tripura says:

Bad luck….cr7

Chanitha Pemasena says:

Ma man i have to tell you. The never give up part in your life was given to me by this man. So yeah he will rise. MY KING i will support you till death 🙌😉🔥❤

De Bruyne Memes says:

OFFCIAL: Juventus have officially sacked Sarri.

Kunga Tsering says:

We always love you Champ👑

9 Proloy says:

He is the king but the juventus team is not good enough to play UCL final.I feel so sorry for him.I cant believe that juventus have lost the round

CR7Remix7 HD says:

Amazing bro!💪

Sabin Kafle says:

No matter we lose this champions league next year we will try to win champions league

Karabelo Leeuw says:

Whatever mistakes he made in the past , he surely made up for it now.
What a Legendary player👑

Adelaar Berba King says:

its unfair to criticise this man for his performance

CraZy GaMer says:

Can anyone explain me why juventus lose with lyon because their was 2-1 😔

ВеТмаН says:

Thats so sad man.Always the best.😥 👑

Gimin Daryanto says:


CR7KHD says:

He is the Mr. Champions league, but this time not him but the team failed to go pass the quarter finals! I feel very sad for him😢

Renu Kadan says:

The loss caused bcoz he took a free kick which pjanić must have taken


When you r done playing.. coach manchester united Cristiano

K3___ SQUAD says:

ronaldo will succeed after leaving juventus……….King CR7……..

Vatsal Shah says:

You should also mention about Serie A MVP this season

Karunesh Kumar says:

bro he is still the best….even messi woule have failed to score from his left foot from that range like ronaldo did yesterday……

Blaise Miracle says:

Rinaldo vs Lyon juventus is a one !an team

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