Did Pelé really score more goals than Cristiano Ronaldo? | Oh My Goal

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Pelé is one of the best forwards in HISTORY! He scored goals like it was nothing! Today, nobody but Cristiano Ronaldo is scoring as much as him. But did Pelé actually score more goals than CR7?

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Lionel Messigician says:

Pele the most overrated player ever

Dung alex Bach says:

In 42 years time
Cr7 would be called cr77

MatthewEM says:

Pelé is overrated

Sandesh Rai says:

But Pele played in an easy league and never in Europe

CR7 FAN says:

No argument need . Ronaldo is the best player in football..

Shishir Humagain says:

Pele was good in his generation. If he was born in this generation he couldn't do anything which is done by others he would be at the level of Valverde,Felix.

10 TV says:

VAR of 10 TV : How many offside goals did pele scored

Nainco07 says:

Why Is everyone bullying Lingard?

The Dude says:

It all started when my mom(Lingardinho) met my dad (Phil Jones). Then they came together to have me. Hi, my name is Pèle, and my life… it’s pretty crazy😅

MANpro 107 says:

When Ronaldo overtakes him, Pele will call his niece over, and then score 100 goals in the back yard.

Daniel Lopez-Ortega says:

Only for santos lol The same santos team that creamed any European side that stood in there way. Quit bullshiting pele was the best during his time because the pinnacle was played in brazil in that era imagine everything he would have one if Europe and the world wasn’t on their racist bullshit. This is why its unwise to compare players from different generations but just know there has never been such a more dominating player than pele.

Meme Webs says:

Is it just me or back in the days football was just an easy sport 😂!

Savy Dhillon says:

Guys we all know CR7 and Messi are the greatest ever, nobody comes close to their level of consistency and performance, ADMIT IT!


Who else watches Inazuma11

CC says:

I scored more goals than pele in my backyard

Angga Permana says:

Pele counts his goals during his training sessions, when he played with the neighborhood and during his dream.

Avi Desouza says:

I don’t care if he didn’t score over a thousand goals, he is still my idol and the reason I started soccer in the first place. He will always be the goat in my eyes

DJL says:

Pele is the most overrated player in footbal history.

Antonio Salazar says:

Cristiano Ronaldo was the Lewandowski of Real Madrid

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