Does Rachel McAdams really sing in Netflix’s Eurovision movie? [New US UK]

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Everyone that’s tuned in to Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga can agree the Netflix film is full of catchy tunes.  The film tells the story of an Icelandic duo who against all the odds end up representing their country at the contest.  And some viewers have been left wondering if the films stars -including Rachel McAdams and Will Ferrell – are actually the ones singing along to the pop-tastic tracks.  Rachel is certainly a woman of many talents but, sadly, singing like Eurov …
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Nils Rosén says:

Listen to the album where it’s only Molly “My Marianne” Sandèn that sings: Do you hear any difference? Clearly they almost removed Rachels singing voice. I don’t believe they mixed their voices. Maybe I can change my mind if they release a version where Rachel is the only one singing so you can compare with Mollys vocals.

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