Drawing johnny Depp cuz why not 😝 #shorts #fyp

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Drawing Johnny Depp!

Instagram: cwtofficial

Twitch: omgitscwt

Fortnite: TTV omgitscwt


RedyFredyR says:

1 lol. Nah playing 10. Ima definitely watch your twitch

Raven Gunner says:

I am 9 I can't draw anything like that I rate 1000000

Adalila Gomez says:

Darw lin Manuel miranda

SonOfSimp says:

Damn lil bro, keep this up it’s a talent

Bobbie Williams says:

I'm in my 30s and can't even draw half as good as you. Keep practicing and you will continue to get better. Amazing work. ❤

desi hastati says:

Im 11 and i lost to you i have bad drawing

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