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Dwayne Johnson Reveals Black Adam VS Superman WILL Happen in DCEU Future

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Dwayne Johnson has confirmed that Black Adam will fight Superman…he’s just not sure which one.

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Dwayne Johnson is A great Action Star so I love to see him in The DC Universe and I hope to see Henry Cavill fight with Black Adam!❤🥰⭐🦸‍♂️🖤

Somesebasz says:

Yeah I'll like to see henry cavill back tbh

ComiczAnimationz18 says:

I hope it's Henry Cavill. He's been very vocal about wanting to return as Superman. WB are just too stupid and full of themselves to go to Henry Cavill and ask him to come back and just #RestoreTheSnyderVerse. And also, why already promoting Black Adam vs Superman, (I would love that) we need Black Adam vs Shazam first. He's his arch-nemesis after all.

LP3 Customs says:

I hope they cancel that stupid Black Clark Kent movie. The most pointless idea of all time. Val Zod is so much better than just race bending Clark

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