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Eva Mendes Hopes to Return to Acting If the Right Project Comes Along | The View

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Lushnja75 says:

She’s out and weird bye! 👋

Come Agyn says:

She's a different kinda hot.

Shelli Stevens says:

Why are so many beautiful woman getting unnecessary procedures done?!?! Please stop Eva!

Orly G says:

Cindy Crawford vibes!

Beverley Reid says:

I hate using the dishwasher. Yuk! Eva, maybe a RomCom (Sort of like Jennifer Lopez). Whoopie tells everyone to come back and co-host just when they're running out of time. smh

Keith Nayo says:

I miss seeing Eva on the big screen

h m says:

It's a crime that the ladies of the View jeopardize the lives of the audience members by not wearing a mask.

Kyla Armstrong-Benjamin says:

How has she stayed the same age for like 20 years? 🤔
She's ageless!

C. Wayman says:

I wish the kitchenware she designed for Macys was still available. Her style and artistry is unmatched and beautiful 😍

JR says:

Quite drinking this water… Vote RED if you want a better life.

anhapril says:

These sponges are great! They’re much better in my view than the XXX daddy line (which I’ve also used). They have no smell and can be easily seen when it’s time to throw them away. Try them out. You won’t regret it!

TheGeerman18 says:

Latino sponges are just the best!

ApolloAngel says:

She messed up her face with all of that plastic surgery! She overdid it. How could she ever be a relatable character w all those fillers lol

Amazon Glamazon says:

Did Eva say 48?!! Wow she looks good!! 🇨🇺

Miss R says:

I'm sad she felt the need to mess with her face.

AriMax*~ says:

She's a breath of fresh air 😍 I feel like she'd be easy going and easy to talk if I ever see her

Terry Moran says:

Comes across as a real person good luck Eva

j rodriguez says:

What a breath of fresh air compared to these two loonies

Amanda Hagerman says:

The big issue here is that dishwashers are made to be very efficient these days… and I’m sorry, but it’s a fact that you use A LOT more water when you wash dishes by hand vs letting the dishwasher do the work. Hand washing it all is wasteful. If you have a good dishwasher, like I’m sure she does in her kitchen, they even discourage rinsing in most cases before putting in the dishwasher bc the dishwasher can handle it. It’s not very environmentally friendly of Eva to encourage people to wash all dishes by hand. 🙄 With all of that being said, I’m super excited about her sponges!

ShesNina says:

I’ve literally never purchased anything right after hearing about it but I for sure just got those sponges!

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