Fans confusingly react to Cardi B’s NEW NEW body‼️

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TheQueenrevolution says:

She getting too carried away… that doesn't look nice to me.

Brianna C says:

She literally is swollen in specific areas, why y’all making it seem like she had surgery.

Elle Elegance says:

This girl ain't even 30 yet, her kids ain't even 10 yet and they won't be able to recognise her. Like she was never an outright ugly girl, nor overly attractive. She was always put together and decent from her llhh days. What the hell is going on?!?! How insecure can she be? This is NOT necessary the amount of surgical procedures she has not even for health reasons solely for VANITY and they are already triggering health issues in her.

Offset will NEVER stop cheating so she better learn to love herself for her ASAP, she has the resources to invest in therapy, and not let online trolls make her feel less than due to her looks. She's come as far as she has due to personality alone. She should leave this heavy emphasis of her looks alone before she's sorry.

Veronica Pachla says:

She's so fuckn lazy. Won't make music, won't write music, and instead of just working out , she goes and does this. Smh ridiculous

LHB Finess says:

Looks so unatural

Stevie Hawkins says:

She looks awful she messed up her face and body

Janell Christeen says:

It’s giving street fighter.

Emma Lauriston says:

What a talent to manage to look the opposite of feminine.

Kay the Virgo says:

She look painful 🫣

Keke B Smith says:

She need to stop with the surgery

Rohan Jaime says:

Now what I'm most surprised about is why offtocheat ain't telling her to stop because she looks fine the way she is. It's one thing being a supportive husband but it's a whole other thing when you let things go too far


She been wearing a waist trainer or corset

Diamond Black says:

Who want to look that God damn snatched.. Omg
No room for food

WaTisha Clayton says:

I’m tryna figure out what school that is in the Bronx , that look like my old school C.S.102 on Taylor ave .

Amana Hicks says:

It looks crazy I would just wait until I’m healed lol

Kritikal Thoughts T•V• says:

If she keep it up them thighs and a** gone be mismatched it’s already on the verge. Better start putting some fat in them thighs or some!

Dawn Johnson says:

Please just throw the whole plastic doll away.

Tricia Washington says:

You look beautiful do what you want your making your own money to do what you want, besides I'm here for your music not concerned about what you do with money clearly you made

Classy Trashy says:

That ain’t the move … then she wondering why she have all these underlined issues …. Duhhhhhh


Like she said she don't cook or clean so she's lazy so you know damn well she's not working out have u ever seen a video of her working out

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