FBI – Long Hot Summer

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Song lyrics says it all… it’s gonna be a long, hot summer until FBI returns for its second season. Enjoy!

Missy Peregrym as Special Agent Maggie Bell
Zeeko Zaki as Special Agent Omar Adom “OA” Zidan
Ebonée Noel as Analyst Kristen Chazal
Jeremy Sisto as Agent Assistant-in-Charge Jubal Valentine
Sela Ward as Agent-in-Charge Dana Mosier

All clips provided by CBS Television Network.

S01 E01 Pilot
S01 E02 Green Birds
S01 E03 Prey
S01 E05 Doomsday
S01 E06 Family Man
S01 E07 Cops and Robbers
S01 E08 This Land is Your Land
S01 E09 Compromised
S01 E10 The Armor’s Faith
S01 E11 Identity Crisis
S01 E13 Partners in Crime
S01 E14 Exposed
S01 E15 Scorched Earth
S01 E16 Invisible
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Happiness 2020 says:


Happiness 2020 says:

I love the whole cast

Happiness 2020 says:

Anyone can see they are in love

A Kara says:

These two agents will be the best couple ever if it was to happen in season 3 I hope it does

Happiness 2020 says:

God Bless Each of you 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💞

Marlene Sheffield says:

Umm…wow. He is a tall, cool and delicious light caramel mocha latte. I am a new fan of "FBI" and "FBI Most Wanted. Mr. Dick Wolf has the Midas touch when it comes to police dramas.👍😎

Rofrasi Rofrasi says:

È semplicemente meraviglioso mi ricorda tanto un uomo speciale! hanno una complicità unica! Serie tv molto bella!

Valma Oliveira says:

Esse ator nao e policial nao ne?

Valma Oliveira says:

Que serie de açao.Omar Zidan e um otimo ator merece o Oscar.

Carlos Galván says:

I love this serie is amazing

alexandre cabral says:

Eu amo esses dois ….
Me pergunto quando vai rolar Maggie e omar??♡♡♡♡♡♡°••°

Cheyenne Williams says:

I wish that they would get together

Lalifan 16 says:

Am I the only one who think that OA is in love with Maggie, but Maggie isn't? I mean…..she likes him too as a partner, but OA's feelings are deeper. Btw, I looooveee this video, congarts and thank you soooo much!

Sophie says:

I can't decide if I want them to end up together at the end of the show or just have them remain good friends.

Katarzyna Kowalska says:

So nice! Thank you for Jeremy Sisto as well 💖 You gave "screen time" each character, that's so cool! And the song is really great 🎉
PS. I don't know why but I ship Jubal and Kris (could you make a vid about them?) 😁

Sofia Aquino Palacios says:

3;29 what episode is it????.

TH Simooes says:

Por que eu gosto muito dessa serie

TH Simooes says:

Eu achei muito legal!!!!!

erin • says:

Zeeko is actually really cute😅

Emily fun RobLox Tim! Allen says:

my older sister loves this show hope this two end up together you can tell they care about each other

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