FBI Star Missy Peregrym On Having a Baby Boy Or Girl: "Either way, I can handle it"

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“FBI” actress Missy Peregrym is expecting her first child with husband Tom Oakley. Is the mom-to-be hoping for a baby boy or girl?


Eddie Dulko says:

OMG!!! Missy is a super beautiful,gorgeous,articulate,goddess!!
Insanely cute & ultra cool,serious,sexy & intense,presence.
Absolutely perfectly cast in " Stick It" !
Gripping & suspenseful in "Back country"
Her smile does it for me,just makes me melt!
Her hubby is the luckiest man alive!!!!!

Greta Carter says:

She is amazing on FBI !!! I am kinda of obsessed !! #MAGGIEADDICT!!!

Cusimi Looking says:

She is beautiful. Her character is tough, insightful, feminine and boy are we going to miss her. Congrats on her baby!!

Cusimi Looking says:

I have really enjoyed this actor. Hopefully she returns to FBI. Love the series.

AliMo92 says:

She’s a very good actress

Nita Roberts says:

❤ lots of love from Montréal

K S says:

A fan of her since Party of Five

Gabby dubuc says:

I can’t believe Rachael didn’t know what la tire is. It’s a Canadian classic!!!!

Adro Fame says:

Andy Mcnally 💙😭

Jeb Hoge says:

She has the most engaging facial expressions.

Fiona O'Keefe says:

What’s up with her always playing the👮🏻and now she’s dressing in Hilary Clinton power suits like she running for the presidency!

Rebel Kramer says:

I don't want kids


Show done wo missy it sucks


FBI done i aint watching no more

Triton Lord says:

Ohhhh so that's why she's temporarily leaving FBI on a "mission"

Key Uni says:

I knew she was pregnant! Her bottom half started to be covered up and it looked bigger. 🤣

Jose Lopez says:

They should not have killed her in SyFy Van Helsing the way they did

Stéphane says:

She 's beautiful… Just see 1 épisode of fbi… She's stunning.. ❤

Todd Clark says:

Loved her in the show Rookie Blue!! She is doing awesome on F.B.I. Missy Congratulations on your upcoming little addition!!

Crazy Kev says:

2 of TVs hottest at the table. Lucky hubs.

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