FOR ALL MANKIND's Shantel VanSanten on Playing Joel Kinnaman's Wife (NYCC Interview)

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“For All Mankind” New York Comic Con Interview:
Shantel VanSanten (Karen Baldwin) speaks about portraying Joel Kinnaman’s wife on the new astronaut series “For All Mankind”, learning about the challenges of being an astronaut’s wife, booking the job last minute at New York Comic Con.

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Addie Harrington says:

I love how when asked to talk about Joel, she wasn't offended at all. She had a kind smile and was talking about the project with the same level of enthusiasm. She smoothly and graciously steered the interview back to it being about her. Respectively so. And I just really respected the way she went about it. She's classy. 👍

Osvaldo Gil says:

0:02 gorgeous!

j gp says:

she looks like meghan markle

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