Halle Berry Sworn In Trinity Church Video Evidence:George Ploss & Lisa Ploss Marriage 2005/2021-2022

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United States Army Salute George Ploss
George Ploss Microchip:Jealousy,Envy,Covet
George Ploss Microchip:Talking To Themselves
George Ploss Microchip:Jesus Said Ignore Them
George Ploss Microchip: Warning Hell & Adultery.
George Ploss Microchip: Warning Rejected Men & Hell.

Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Trinity Church Video Evidence
Genesis 2 Adam & Eve Sermon 2005
Book Of Ruth Sermon 2005
Book Of Psalm Sermon 2005
Proverbs 5-7 Sermon 2005
Matthew 5 Sermon 2005
Whoever talks to George Ploss after Lisa Ploss is an adulteress.
Oscar Nominated: I am George Ploss 1st christian wife Lisa Ploss.

Lisa Ploss Offered George Ploss 2021-2022
Genesis 2 Adam & Eve SIUC/Trinity 2005
Pure In Heart Sermon 2005: 2021-2022
*House, Food, Clothing
*$3,000, YouTube Videos
*$30,000, $10 Tithes, 3,000 Believers
*$60,000, $20 Tithes, 3,000 Believers
All Illinois Churches Listens To George Ploss Writes Wedding Vows To His 1st Christian Wife Lisa Ploss.
2005 Genesis 2 Adam & Eve, Matthew 5 Adultery & Divorce, Proverbs 5-7 Every Woman After Lisa Ploss Is An Adulteress.

Halle Berry Sworn In: Lisa Alley Malpractice
California Most Wanted Speech 2021-2022
George Ploss & Lisa Ploss Never Knew Them
Texas Witness & Illinois Victim Of Crime
White Collar Crime Division
Human-Trafficking Division
Sex-Trafficking Division
Exploitation Division
Perjury Division
KKK Division


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