Hayden Panettiere and Brian Hickerson talk about the movie they saw Sharkwater Extinction outside th

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Tim Uchwat says:

I remember Hayden doing the voice of Dot in A Bug's Life and she was in a disney live action film called Remember The Titans

Izzy Bee says:

She’s walking as if she ate a 20 pound steak

Neal Fry says:

" Why Hollywood Won't Cast
Hayden Panettiere … "
Hayden Panettiere Reportedly gave
" Bed Bugs " to "A" Slap Happy Relationship with Brian Hickerson who
" Loved " Hayden Panettiere SO Much that Hayden Panettiere Always Allowed
Brian Hickerson to " BEAT ^UP^ his Girlfriend Hayden Panettiere Always
Alowing Brian Hickerson to "STEAL"
Hayden Panettiere's "MONEY" to Buy
" What Brian Hickerson WANTS! "
Heartless Hayden Pagan Panettiere Always Faithfully makes " Mistakes "
Even with Hayden's Milkshakes, amen.

Neal Fry says:

Did Hayden Panettiere Always Have
" Bed Bugs " in Pagan Hayden's Underwear?
Inquiry Minds Want To Know Sincerely,
Neal Patrick Fry a.k.a. High Priest will
Hear Hayden Panettiere's Confession
Always and FAITHFULLY Forever …
… and Forevermore Your's Always is A
" Ladies Time Of The Month "Man Hole
Cover, " Always, Lovingly mine,
Neanderthal Poltergeist FRYKENSTEIN

Neal Fry says:

A guy Laughed at Hayden Panettiere.

Neal Fry says:

Hayden Panettiere is Not a Cast Member of ABC'S Nashville Show Because Hayden Panettiere is "Untrustworthy" ha
Hayden Panettiere?

Neal Fry says:

Miss Hayden Leslie Panettiere,
Are you Hayden Panettiere "STONED"
on " Cocaine? "
Do you Hayden Panettiere Always have
" Bed Bugs " in your " Panties? "
Your "Speach" is "Slurred and Stupid",
Scratching Like "Bed Bugs" from your
BOY TOY Brian Hickerson who Could Have Gotten "Bed Bugs" in Jail "!"
Miss Hayden Leslie Panettiere,
About your New Tattoo of a Pagan,
Perhaps Hayden Panettiere is "Cursed"
By Almighty God for "Time And All Eternity" for Honoring a Pagan god.
Why don't you Hayden Panettiere "Cover
^UP^ your "Pagan god" with "BARBED WIRE" Tattoos?
" Have A Nice Day Hayden "
I, Neal Patrick Fry am.
So Very, Very Sincerely,
Neal Patrick Fry

SpeedsterJackson says:

I hate guys like this

stevenevents says:

This relationship is bad news.

Lala Dmz says:

Why is she walking like that???

Opportunity Y.B says:

Man, Klitschko loses the belt she Gone.

Віталик Козочинский says:


Brit Mk 2 says:

Bitch you are a disgrace, shame on you.

Candace Daily says:

I love Hayden! So talented and well spoken. Animal rights enthusiast with a big heart❤️

1001 Helen Of Troy says:

Her way of walking…?

IXIWineIXI says:

Dude is like "fuck!!! Wladimir is around isn't he"

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