Hayden Panettiere joins Instagram and shares ex-husband's speech condemning racism l GMA Digital

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Wladimir Klitschko, who is a retired Ukrainian professional boxer, shared a compelling message against racism.
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Amauris’ Wax World says:

Dr steel hammer !!!!

inerit says:

Thank you so much Vladmir, God bless you!

Georgia Hadden says:

Is it wrong that I was so shallow that I was half listening and just enjoying his gorgeous face the first time I watched this ?

SaintJohn Chick says:

Yummy on all levels!

J Jobs says:

THAT WAS A BEAUTIFUL SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ThePunisher014 says:

Nice speech, no wonder this guy managed to have Hayden not only once.. but twice! and the thing is, i've already judged him before i listen to him. i guess we all gotta learn during these times.

Rebecca Elliott says:

This was really well said

on the rocks with salt says:

Oh brother. You're George Floyd? So did you also kick in a heavily pregnant woman's door with 4 other black males and pistol whip her then put the gun to her belly and tell her you'd shoot her baby if she didn't tell you where she kept her money and valuables? Because George Floyd did. So that makes you a monster. As he was.

Stop worshipping criminals. They don't deserve it. And I will not drop my morals, nor my values to call a monster a hero. Good Morning America you are complicit in putting criminals on pedestals. You did the same with Saint Michael Brown.

If you TRULY wanted to stop racism you'd acknowledge the many, many more white people who were killed by police and you would stop saying the 9 black men who died last year unarmed (even though 5 of them tried to run over the officer with a car) are some kind of epidemic of racial animus. It's not true. It is a bold faced lie. And all of the white children today watching you tell these untruths and seeing BLM marching and chanting "Death to White people" are internalizing it. And it is a seed which will grow into the kind of racism you are trying to supposedly put an end to.These kids hear these words. They will come baxk to haunt you. 20 years from now that BLATANT anti-white racism is going to come out. The kids watching are hearing one thing and seeing something completely opposite to the words. You can't pretend that is not what is happening. And you cN't continue to lie just to appease people.It won't work, has never worked, and you won't have anyone to blame but yourselves when the pendulum swings. As it always does.

Tyler Jhonson says:

Very well said.

cegb says:

He’s always carried himself in a classy way. 💪🏿

James S says:

Let's go champ ..

Soul Glow says:

that's a FINE man! My goodness

K G says:

Great speech!

Betelham Tajebe says:

You absolutely right Thank you

Keyboard Warrior says:

I would like to speak out against tyranny and influencing others based on social status.

T Holmes says:

He cute and that accent.


I cannot believe Klitschko's title is Panettiere's ex-husband…

Diane Diego says:

You guys can use his name wladimir klitschko former heavy weight champion. He is sooo much more than just a former Hollywood stars husband. Give him his respect

Angela Fuentes says:


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