Hayden Panettiere Maintains Close Bond With 4-Year-Old Daughter Living In Ukraine

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Hayden Panettiere is in constant contact with her daughter living abroad. A source tells US Weekly the actress has a close bond with 4-year-old Kaya, who lives in Ukraine with Hayden’s ex-fiancé, Wladimir Klitschko. “Hayden frequently travels to see her daughter,” the insider shares, adding that she FaceTimes with her little girl “often.” The “Nashville” alum welcomed her daughter with the former professional boxer in December 2014. They have been co-parenting amicably since their split in August 2018.

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Verica Vuckovic says:

So she left her child to be with some asshole who beats the crap out of her. Brainless moron

Woolworth Jones says:

I honestly don't know how a Woman in good conscience could give her baby Girl , sorry that's fucked. And her mother is an empty shell of a Bitch with no soul…

Ooh Tyrone says:

That little girl needs her mother, smh did she Lose Custody? I’m Lost

Em Bowling says:

Sounds really fishy to me. Sounds like she’s afraid of him deep down. Seriously idc my kid ain’t living in Ukraine period with or without me! Oh and he’s a politician!!!!
Idc no American women thinks of that as her dream as a kid…. oh I’ll have a baby and watch it get hauled off to a country people are dying to get out of!!! She’s probably afraid to fight him. With her ppd he could kill her and make it look like a suicide.

Wayne says:

damn she hasnt aged or changed much, good for her

Lynette Price says:

Why she don't have custody of her daughter

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