Hilarie Burton on One Tree Hill Bond With Sophia Bush

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Listen to our interview with Hilarie Burton here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/scott-disick-rehab-ltyh-w-trent-hilarie-burton-interview/id1412142989?i=1000473838520

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Cheryl Jackson says:

Oh man. This show got me through some awfully hard times. It gave me hope and I found a strength in Peyton that I tried to find in myself. I know it wasn't " real" but ..to me..it definitely helped. And now I love the guys even more to know they protected them from mark. Always and forever my number 1 show. I loved them all and I was a sucker for Leyton 🙈😂.❤️❤️❤️

Julie Waters says:

I didn't start watching OTH until season 5 and loved it. Now I'm rewatching the show from the beginning so I can see everything I missed and I'm so sad I didn't watch it from the beginning way back. It's such a great show, even for me who just turned 41.

Blujonny11 says:

My first intro to OTH was Brooke's 'unique' voice. Peyton always seemed like one of those girls where a guy would be too intimidated to ask her out lol. She always seemed so intimidating and kind of dark. But as a guy, Peyton always seemed like the girl who was strong on the outside but had real 'mystery' on the inside. I think that's what was so attractive about her. She also seemed 'androgynous' but like someone who once they 'locked' onto you, there was no going back for them.

Philip Callado says:

To me, the show went downhill when Hilarie and Chad left. I always felt that Lucas/Peyton relationship was the heart of the show. Even though Lucas dated Brooke and then almost married Lindsey, and Peyton had her thing with Jake, there was always a strong emotional bond between them.

John Lai says:

Their bond is so sweet. I mean all of them. Sophia Bush, and Hilarie Burton have a solid friendship.

E.M F says:

I love this! I’m rewatching in it for the millionth time.

JP says:

I always wished Peyton would have ended up with Jake! They were such a beautiful couple. Hilary was so great in that show.

Samaa Obeid says:

My all time favorite show, i just grew up with it and it has been a big part of my life!!!!

Puda says:

I started watching the show when I was 20 back in 2006 and boy, it was huge back then! At least the first seasons… Then most people dropped the show to be honest.

ava dp says:

they're so lovely, i love them so much. grew up watching the best show, with the best cast.

MusicTherapy21 says:

“The female friendships were important on that show” absolutely!

Amanda Korcsmaros says:

Literally just binged watched the entire series. 🥰

Kelsey Lee says:

"I'll take a bullet for those kids, I love them!" Wowwwwww WATER WORKS!

burns453 says:

Love this❤Hilarie and Sophia are awesome

Shannon Atnip says:


Lee Mcneil says:

Peyton & Brooke should reappear in the L word generation Q as hot couple 🔥 Their chemistry 💞 At least for one season.


I love Hilarie e sophia…eu como as duas se quiserem!

Jen Stone says:

This show got me through some SHIT. It’s been my favorite series of my whole life since the beginning. I connected SUPER deeply to Peyton and Haley but at the same time, saw myself in every character in some way. Such a solid, solid series. It also gave my passion for music such strong roots. Man oh. Love this interview.

Ava Franzer says:

this is the sweetest thing ever 😭😭😭 it makes me so happy!

lily tatui says:

Loved this show so much when I was a teenager and kept loving it as an adult lol

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