How tall is Kanye West really?

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They don’t make stars today much bigger than Kanye, but as big as his career has been, he’s mnot a particularly big guy. He has been billed at 5’8 and 5’9 but is he really that tall? We look at photo evidence to try to break it down to reveal his true height.


Sven Harden says:

Keep the videos coming. Can you do Kanye West? Thanks Rob

vinny cupo says:

Na I don’t see him being about your height black hat. You’d have like an inch on him in person

David Halpin says:

You should Chris breezy and August Alsina who Claims to be 6ft

MLG Godzilla says:


Tucker says:

Please can you do Denzel Washington

The Height Carpet says:

Good call on Kanye West's height! Do you think Stephen Colbert is a legit 5'11"?

Lynette Wilson says:

Hes 5'7" doesn't really matter at all

Rob Rage says:

Women wear high heels to enhance their height so why shouldn't us height challenged guys. I'm 5' 7 1/2..should be 5' 9" without the scoliosis so I wear inserts to get me back to 5'9". Those born in the late 70's and later are on average 3 in. taller due to the growth hormone in meat and milk.

David Halpin says:

You should do a video on Jimmy Fallon and then Kimmel

Daniyal Asim says:

Can you please make how tall is Cody Rhodes really I am requesting you for more than 4 months ☹️🥺

Bradley 1020 says:

5'7 3/4 i think is a perfect estimate

Jackson Worthy says:

I think you got it right, he looks right around a solid 5’8”, could be the slightest bit taller or shorter. Thanks for uploading more, it’s been a while

David Halpin says:

The Kardashians and Jenners are super crazy and their the plastic surgery people.

David Halpin says:

I would say 5'8

AC Wrasslin says:

5’8 for Kanye

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