How to paint on iPad: Mila Kunis Timelapse Procreate

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How to paint Mila Kunis on the iPad Pro. Tutorial and essentials of impressionist art. Milena Markovna “Mila” Kunis is an American actress. Ashton Kutcher.

Mainly work on iPad Pro, and Apple Pencil. My second favourite combination of mediums being Acrylic and oils on canvas. This is mainly completed using an Impressionistic approach to appearance. I’ve strived to improve my technique every day over the years and continue to, as I have a long way to go. Thank you for stopping by..

Actually, I’m an Architect & Interior Designer. The Art I work on is based on the Golden Mean Ratio. Connecting the subconscious mind- used to counterbalance the offsets in a residence. I commission paintings for clients to balance the same, based on the mean ratio. I evaluate and project a future event from the house floor plan based on golden ratio. If you find it interesting you can visit the instagram page for more information.

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