How Victor Webster Found Love on a Hallmark Movie

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“Extra’s” Mario Lopez sat down with Victor Webster as he promoted his Hallmark film “Homegrown Christmas.”

Two years ago, Victor found love working on another Hallmark movie with co-star Shantel VanSanten, who played his love interest. He dished on their holiday plans, saying, “I’m gonna go to Texas with my girlfriend, see her family.”


Mr. Amor says:

He looks like a prime chris sarandon

Michelle Elks says:

Victor webster is THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE! My favorite movie of his is Harvest Wedding.

Melissa May says:

He is fucking gorgeous 💋💋💋

PrynKya says:

OMG. I love Victor Webster. He's handsome. I love that he met his girlfriend on one of the Hallmark movies.

Purple B says:

I think he will be amazing with the Batman are awesome Victor.

Raphae Dupee says:

Im glad to see that Lori Loughlin is with Hallmark hope it's current. Thank you Hallmark

Dezzo Majezzo says:

I was supposed to be with him since Mutant X, I would give him my all

Vixsniper says:

Victor Webster was very sexy in the movie "A Good Man" with Steven Seagal.💜

Oopss7 says:

This man was too good-looking to have been relegated to Hallmark, but he never had the whole go-getter thing going on

Christina LW28 says:

Omg, Victor Webster is the Ultimate Man. I’m Drooling. Lol Just watched “Love Blossoms.” Good for them— hope it works out! ❤️ 😘👍🏼👍🏼

Vernelle Wilson says:

Victor Webster my favorite
Hallmark actor is in Love.
Happy for you both.
Very good looking couple👏

pooja joshi says:

exactly christmas means hallmark

Adrian Panopio says:

wow…they look good together 👏👏

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