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We react to Husavik (My Home Town) — maybe the best song in the Netflix movie “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga”. Will Ferrell duets with Rachel McAdams (okay, the real singer is My Marianne aka Molly Sandén) on this beautiful song about her hometown.

Husavik lyrics

(Verse 1: Molly Sandén)
All by myself
With this great big world before me
But it’s all for someone else
I’ve tried and tried again
To let you know just where my heart is
To tell the truth and not pretend

(Pre-Chorus: Molly Sandén)
All I needed was to get away
Just to realize that I was meant to stay

(Chorus 1: Molly Sandén)
Where the mountains sing through the screams of seagulls
Where the whales can live ’cause they’re gentle people
In my hometown, my hometown
Thought I made it clear, do I have to sing it?
It was always there, we just didn’t see it
All I need is you and me and my home

(Post-Chorus: Molly Sandén)
Vera með þér, með þér
Í Húsavík við Skjálfanda
Í heimabærinn minn

(Verse 2: Molly Sandén, Will Ferrell)
You want the world (Want the world)
All the neon lights and billboards
To be seen and to be heard (Heard)
And I followed you (Oh-ooh)
But now I know what makes me happy
And I can tell you feel it too

(Chorus 2: Molly Sandén)
Where the mountains sing through the screams of seagulls
Where the whales can live ’cause they’re gentle people
In my hometown, my hometown
Where the northern lights burst out in colors
And the magic nights surpass all others
Það eina sem ég þrái er, að vera

(Post-Chorus: Molly Sandén & Will Ferrell)
Vera með þér (Vera með þér), með þér (Vera með þér)
Í Húsavík við Skjálfanda
My home, my hometown

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Barry Piatoff says:

I'm also on TikTok with 3 videos. I hope you'll do a lot more there. Wiwibloggs would be awesome on TikTok!

Kristjan Svavarsson says:

Húsavík is my home town ,although I live at the moment abroad. And it is hilarious to follow the impact of one song/movie for my small village of 2300 people 🙂 You guys are welcome to Húsavík any time!

C Christoforou says:

I wonder if Deban would have been more positive if he too was in the film, or if Will would have been less positive if he didn't appear in the movie :p

verhasselt lotte says:

She didn't lip sync, she told this in an interview, she herself sang the song to make it look real and after they pasted Molly's version over it.

Jonathan Frese says:

Pleass react to the song along

Boaz Feinberg says:

Croatia= hrvatska

Noosh101 says:

I also love the smell Deban

kim madsen says:

It's totally off topic….but William is so handsome with the new hairstyle

Invicta Films says:

The song was a mashup so parts of it was actually Rachel McAdams singing

Househusband of Welington says:

So glad u guys are back together 🙂

Stuart Ainsworth says:

The film was better than what I thought from other peoples reviews and reactions. For big Eurovision fans (like me)you cant think too deep about it you just have to take it for what it is a romantic comedy with Eurovision as the back story. Husavik is a fantastic song but for me will Ferrell shouldn't harmonise innit I think he spoils it.

zeevmon1 says:

it was funny great

Rick Janssen says:

The only song in the movie I liked

Seth Loyce says:

"Reacts" Spends entire time talking loudly so they don't even notice anything.

Bryan Ott says:

This is like some sort of Meme video, ugh.

Nicolo A says:

I can get how Deban feels like this shouldn’t have been the way to introduce the song. I was hoping for a complete redemption for Double Trouble. Then they could sing this at the end of the competition where the change in production can be more believable. But the movie was already pretty long, with so many things they probably had to keep in. I’m still glad with how the second half of the movie turned out. It’s like one of those contestants who started a little shaky. But brought it home from the second chorus on.

Alexander Khalatyan says:

I hope this and Double Trouble would be an Interval act during ESC2021

A.M. Rifki A. 3rd says:

it's such a good song, but rule-wise too long to be depicted as a legit Eurovision entry (although Will's character Lars previously disagreed and preferred Double Trouble).

N ike says:


roose85723 says:

I love that they captured the emotions of hearing the native language being sung on a large platform like Eurovision. I honestly got chills during that part and the line "where whales can live because they're gentle people." It made me feel like I was listening to a Eurovision song.

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