I Ate & Trained like Cristiano Ronaldo for a Day (3000 CLEAN CALORIES)

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Today I ate and trained like Cristiano Ronaldo and followed his routine. Includes 6 meals and 3000 calories and ideal for athletes & football players.

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– Jon Venus

The Quest For Fitness


joshua Oskins says:

Is that too much fish. I eat this same diet but not that much fish. High mercury?

Kevin Boughton says:

Mr. Hellos voice is getting deeper!

grillmeister0815 says:

Definitely I am on team Ronaldinho, that's the best soccer player who walked on this planet. He just the best of watch as well 👌

Fucboi says:

I’m glad you’re introducing lean protein sources in your diet! 🥩

Adam Trani says:

Who’s vegan and still hanging around and still enjoying Jon’s videos . 🙋🏻‍♂️

TUHIN says:

Hey Jon, loved the video and the energy.

Frank C says:

Another year and Jon still can’t pronounce avocado

Chhotu Patil says:

Yes try Brian Shaw's and Eddie Hall's bulking diet plan videos please

Half Viking Tom says:

Maybe eat and train like Wesley Vissers of Vintage Genetics.

Matin R says:

Eden Hazard 👌

Nemanja Popović says:

Nice, but like you, I also like to eat only three meals per day. I feel really good when fasting between meals. I don't snack at all.

Michele Michele says:

Great idea for a series!

Indigo Girl says:

Looks great

jack khowley says:

Does it upset you knowing you will never be as smart/successful as your brother ?

BadBoys says:

How dare you still eat plant foods? You are on the animal foods side now. Stop mixing these foods you’re eating a SAD diet basically.

Jay P says:

You even look like him😂

Sarah Moon says:

Nice video!

Psycho Magnet says:

Tough one, but personally I'm team Messi.

Christopher Neal says:

Eat like LeBron James!

Lewis Blanchard says:

Looking healthier than ever Jon.
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