I copied Sophia Bush Instagram Pictures

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A fun video copying Hair and Makeup of Sophia Bush in three of her Instagram pictures.


I do not own the rights to the music
Artist: Destiny’s Child
Song: Say my name
Cover Artist: Alex & Sierra


Chante Engel says:

I loved the video 💖. My favorite pic was the 2nd one. 😊= Emily Engel

Marian Engel says:

Really love the first pic💕

Kendra Nielsen says:

I loved the second picture ❤️

Chante Engel says:

I simply love your pics but favourite pic has got to be the first 1♥️

Chante Engel says:

I really enjoy your posts. I love your hair and the way you do your make up. Favourite pic has got to be the first 1♥️

Kayla O'Ryan says:

I loved this video ❤
My favourite look was the 2nd one😀💟

Recal O'Ryan says:

Such a fun video sheri, loved all the pics💗 my fav is the 3rd pic!

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