“I Was The Original Scammer” ft. iJustine | Wild 'Til 9 Episode 115

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Online scams and a few minor embellishments to a resume were just the beginning. iJustine stops by the pod to talk about going from her small town in Pennsylvania to one of the most influential names in technology.

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0:00 intro
3:00 knife fighting & light sabers
13:30 missing prom
29:00 scamming the internet
34:00 6 month live stream
41:00 lying on resumes
53:50 making money as iJustine
1:04:30 not fitting in
1:16:00 her dog’s music career
1:24:12 adhd life hacks
1:29:50 almost dying
1:48:50 changing mentality
1:51:24 what’s next (web3 / jpig)

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