“I Was The Original Scammer” ft. iJustine | Wild 'Til 9 Episode 115

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Online scams and a few minor embellishments to a resume were just the beginning. iJustine stops by the pod to talk about going from her small town in Pennsylvania to one of the most influential names in technology.

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0:00 intro
3:00 knife fighting & light sabers
13:30 missing prom
29:00 scamming the internet
34:00 6 month live stream
41:00 lying on resumes
53:50 making money as iJustine
1:04:30 not fitting in
1:16:00 her dog’s music career
1:24:12 adhd life hacks
1:29:50 almost dying
1:48:50 changing mentality
1:51:24 what’s next (web3 / jpig)

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cj8299 says:

Stop. I love her. This is already going to be fire. Love you guys

Erin Roszczyk says:

Can Justine be the next Remi and be a regular guest on the pod?! I could listen to her experiences for hours!

Brady Travers says:

This podcast episode was so good omg!! So much love and respect for Justine and all that’s she’s done over the past 2 decades to build her career and become one of the most influential YouTubers ever!! Loved this episode so much, but excited for Lauren’s return next week to hear all about her trip!!! 🥳🥳

nazwa nur says:

I love this! I love how Jeremy’s brain works! ❤

Vanessa says:

Justine is soooo incredible! Loved this episode ❤️

Sergey Zabornikov says:

I knew that 2 hour long podcast with Justine would make my evening, but I didn't realise the scale! Haven't paused it for a second! Had the best time ever! Thank you!

coffeegirl18 says:

I just realized how long I've been watching iJustine (probably near the start). She's done so many fun tech and nerd related stuff I'm jelly.
I used to be pretty fluent in Leet, I went to computer/science camp in Waterloo. We played a paintball CS Mod on lunch/breaks. I also worked out how to turn off the paintball mod and turned on the light gore level. My dad used to fix computers when they were the size of the room.

Gigi Del Nero says:

Omg I love iJustine so much!!! I love love love this episode!!! ❤

Chad Blanchard says:

Ok Justine’s shirt colours identically matches the 2 pictures behind her!!!! Was this planned!!!!?? 😂😂😂😭😭

Danielle Luethke says:

LOVED this!!! Miss you Laur!🧡

Maureen Zachas says:

stop. i love her

Bless Acosta says:

i hope you have rosanna + justine on 😀 with lauren present

palmer_srp says:

I legit feel like I’m listening to this whole ep on 1.25. Just fast talking out the gate. 2h of pure gold

Shawn Lloyd says:

I need an episode with Lauren, Ro, Justine, and Jeremy 🙏🏽🙏🏽 This was an amazing episode!

D World says:

Would have loved to see iJ and Lauren together!

D World says:

Hey! hey! It’s iJ!

Suzy Traverse says:

Amazing episode!!! 🎉

daniela valadez says:

I’m going to be honest, I was confused/lost in half of the topics they mentioned BUT she’s just so interesting to listen to. I’m glad Jeremy has someone to geek out with lol. Of course miss Lauren!

erebus says:

fecal transplants do not cause people to create lactase, the enzyme that is needed to metabolize lactose, the dairy sugar.

Savannah MacDonald says:

Why isn't Lauren in this duo!?!?!? Id LOVE to see Justine back with LAURDIY!!!

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