Is traditional editing DEAD?! Descript changes everything!

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AK Film It! says:

If this works in Finnish, this will make webinar etc video editing so much faster… but really no use if not in Finnish (95% what I do is in finnish)

Arya tac says:

Justine do you still use the temi robot

CruiseReport says:

Looks like a really cool product but we have a moratorium on subscriptions. We refuse to tie ourselves to any subscription based products.

Aleš Kovářík says:

Certainly a great idea wrapped in an excelent UI, but I'm not a big fan of uploading my whole video to their servers for processing. With the power of contemporary computers with all their neural engines, this should be possible offline.

NitroWorks says:


Jakob Jorgensen says:

LOVE this <3 Amazing!

Cronopoly says:

This saves so much time and adds a lot of productivity. Thanks for the review of this product. Awesome iJ.

CommodoreGreg says:

I smell "selling my soul for convenience." What's the privacy terms? Does it work offline? Is the AI processed locally? Hmm….

Peace To All says:

This is great

Mike Heffernan says:

More brilliant AI disruption! And it’s only warming up.

Nestor Kone says:

Nice 🇲🇱🇲🇱🙏

r lg says:

really come on, descript – you know first of all your a slave to Youtube who continues to cut your profits they gain by your efforts because they make 98% more off your work for advertising, and I am talking trillions of dollars so take what they pay you and then multiply it, they profit from you, and if a person does not know how to video edit there are plenty of free tutorials to learn so cut the crap, you are so fake

Mihaela Mihaljevic Jakic says:

The problem with this software is that it is trying to impersonate an editing app while being only a service. I don't see anyone paying $24/mo for the whole year. I see people gathering 20 videos to batch process through this service and pay for one month, and then leave.
This is a service, not an app.

I Just Watched A Movie says:

Apple needs to buy this company. I want to see all these functions in Final Cut. Can you export an EDL so you can roundtrip?

Thomas Steiner says:

No offence but you can train a monkey to use c and v and edit a basic video in Premiere.

R1R2 says:

Editing with keyboard and touchpad is the new normal

Mediocre Ape says:

interisting to say the east

Living the Springs says:

It’s magic says:

Ok, this is pretty dope!

Stefano De Maco says:

great review and tutorial! Thumb up 😃

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