John Boyega Shops A Night To Avoid Being Spotted | The Graham Norton Show Part Two

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John Boyega on his foolproof plan on shopping.

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Nikki says:

My grandma & I used to go grocery shopping at 11-12 at night sometimes when I was a kid, or we’d go on Saturday afternoons, when they’d have tons of samples, & that would be our lunch 😂

Ben O'Brien says:

At* Night… guess you're not spending license fees on attention to detail. 😅

J L says:

I definitely do the midnight shopping thing! Less crowds and just much more pleasant.

ayana de zoysa says:

You know ur early when there’s a typo in the title

Margaret Patterson says:

Graham has the best guests.

Megaleopard says:

Oh wooooooooooooooow

King Zande says:

I guess Graham got the Attack the Block 2 news.

Ben Ratcliffe says:

"Mr. Finn, is your back okay?"
"Yes of course, why shouldnt it?"
"Because you've been carrying the entire sequel Trilogy."

Luca Zamboni says:

Who spots him in a crowd during the day? 100% more likely to spot him during the night…

Niso Stannard says:

John is so goVgEs!!!! 😍😍😍

uNkn0wn says:

Who would want to talk to that narcissist anyway

Julie Rogers says:


Andrew Yee says:

Whoever posts on this Graham Norton Show channel really needs to double check what they are typing. Not for the first time, typo in the title of the video. Unless John does "shops a night". And once its post

WMBS says:

He's named after the Lord KSI

sanjana2421 says:

shops a night

Yassin Hani says:

Cuz Ya understand

André Corazza Miguens says:

Didn't expect the British to forget the T 😉

james wilson says:

The thumbnail needs a fix lol

Killer2Hero says:

Shops "A" night? 🤔

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