KANYE WEST "DONDA" UPDATE: source says "finished" but "not releasing today."

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Timothy Jones says:

Thank you sir!

¿AARON? says:

I’m confused by the whole movie aspect to this because he never deleted that tweet so it wasn’t an accident or typo. Is it a Donda movie or is it JIK. My theory is that maybe he’ll do what he did for the wash us in the blood and donda music video which is sample multiple movies and videos that have a common theme or just fit well with the music

B L V C K says:

Thank you for keeping me updated.. cause I was looking for information about the album all day today.

Nati’s perspective says:

As a long time kanye fan, I would like to really thank you for this channel!!! Keep it up brother 💪🏼

Teanui Setefano says:

Hope he drops it tonight 😭🙏🏼🙏🏼

Ram Luke says:

he needs to spend more time with Jesus than kim kardashian

Æ REEZ says:

Just please don’t be another Yandhi

digitallady1 says:

Kanye is moving to be healthy!

Skyler Dollar says:

Kaycyy just tweeted out “BUSSY”. I like to think that Kanye will debut the movie on his website tonight then drop the album as soon as the movie is done. I think the shooting at the ranch today was final touches for the movie and they’re rushing everything like Kanye always does

DropoutBear7 says:

Yandhi leaks fam what’s up

Captain Ramirez says:

Just as long as we get the album, I’m happy. Kanye and his well being is far more important than new music. We can wait

Burbanktsi says:

Thanks for the update!

Asg Doug says:

If it comes out this week it might not get number 1 cos of Taylor

Bryan Murray says:

Any thoughts on the GOOD Music website?

Dab Daniel says:

Great video as always man, thanks for keeping us updated

The Unity of Knowledge says:

Good video.

NDR3 says:

Very fitting that "Hurricane" was trending.

seejay woods says:

Broke: "Kanye didnt drop the album because he was scared of Taylor"

Woke: "Kanye delayed the album to troll Taylor, who only released her album because Ye announced his"

Kanye playing 4D chess (this isnt mine 💀)

keenan wilson says:

hopefully it drops tonight

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