Kanye West in a 'Great Place' After Trip With Kim Kardashian and Kids

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An eyewitness tells ET that Kanye West and his wife, Kim Kardashian, seemed worry-free as they arrived in Miami on Sunday, following their family vacation to the Dominican Republic. A source added that the rapper is in a ‘great place’ after spending time with Kim and their four children, North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm.

Exclusives from #ETonline :


John Glen says:

Kenya is just helping trump stay in office.

Alan Cooper says:

You didn't mention how Ye said Harriet Tubman fucked over the slaves she saved.

D 192706 Play says:

“The west is going west”

vi yamanuri says:

so who wants donuts

Jon Paul says:

He should be ashamed of himself for what he is doing

EverythingNotFire 8418 says:

Good for him time with your kids an family is right way to go leave the rest of the crazy world alone… focus on your kids you be in better place with in yourself !!

Teresa Miles says:

It must be nice to be so rich you can up and travel anywhere and any place, during a pandemic. How is that possible?

Victoria M says:

Im glad kanye is doing okay. Hopefully they work things out at the end of the day they are normal people that go through shit.😊😊

potatomato :p says:

Bro i'd even have a Hub Dancing Bear for president than donna. Kanye for president.

TC says:

Good. Now he just needs to drop out of the election and focus on his mental health and his family. America is good on that. 👋

M K says:

This TRASH family. Kanye is a disgusting vile human being who needs to take his meds and stop thinking he is a God.

keith cox says:

Kanye is trying to help trump win again…kanye you are a traitor to hip hop fans….stay with your new fox n friends

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