Kanye West is running for President of the United States in 2020

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Kanye has announced he’s going to run for President of the United States in the upcoming 2020 election. Is this real? Is it just to get attention for God’s Country’s imminent release? Either way, it’s exciting!


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¿AARON? says:

This is honestly one of the most amazing album rollouts. I was listening to yeezus and then I heard the news and I bursted out laughing

A. B. says:

this is so awesome

Julim Valente says:

Trump 2020. Kanye 2024

T Pham says:

Make “American Boy” the national anthem 🇺🇸

Gary Sheldon Jr says:

This got to be a joke…😂

Jay Are says:

"Keep it loopy!"

Dan Queensbridge says:

Maybe Kanye will make an “America” themed political album?!

Jaxon Stephens says:

I don’t want Kanye president, but I would LOVE a debate between those 3. Absolutely insane.

Kirk Douglas says:

Kanye is such an egomaniac it honestly wouldn’t be much different than Trump. They’re both a total joke. Good luck with that, Ye. No longer a supporter and definitely not getting any vote from me with the Bible thumping and Trump rhetoric.

Oadevour says:

If he gives me medicare for all, criminal justice reform or even half of Bernie's policies he has my vote

"trump campaign with bernie sanders principles"

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