Kanye West Officially Gets On Ballot In Colorado For President In General Election!

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Kanye West Officially Gets On Ballot In Colorado For President In General Election!

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Kanye West will appear on Colorado ballots in November

Rapper Kanye West successfully earned a spot on the Colorado ballot for November’s election, the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office said Thursday.

West’s name will appear on the Centennial State’s ballot, Secretary of State’s Office spokesperson Betsy Hart confirmed, in the rapper’s latest win in his efforts to earn a spot on several states’ ballots.

Colorado requires presidential candidates to pay a $1,000 fee, submit notarized statements and receive support from nine electors who are registered to vote in the state, The Denver Post reported.

At least one Republican operative assisted West in his filing, which was completed Wednesday. His list of electors includes at least three registered Republicans, four unaffiliated voters and two registered Democrats, all from the Denver metro area, according to the newspaper.

Hart told the Post that election officials are reviewing paperwork from other possible candidates and will release a list on Friday of those who will appear on the ballot.

Matching his filings in other states, West named Wyoming spiritual coach Michelle Tidball as his vice presidential candidate.

The rapper, who had been a supporter of President Trump, announced he would run for president on the Fourth of July. Since then, he has filed to appear on several ballots and held a rally in South Carolina, just before missing the deadline for that state.

West has missed the deadline to file for several states including Texas, Michigan and Florida. The rapper has filed to appear on the Ohio and Oklahoma ballots and had gathered enough signatures for the Illinois, New Jersey and Missouri ballots.

But he withdrew his petition for a spot on the New Jersey ballot after being accused of election fraud with his signature submissions, and Illinois officials are questioning his signatures and paperwork in their state.

West, who is married to Kim Kardashian West, earned 2 percent of the vote in one national poll last month.

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Large Marche says:

This is what they did to Bernie, strategize against his campaign.

IdleBigots says:

It's Colorado…there's maybe 200,000 black people there, tops. Plus, it's Colorado: I doubt you're going to see many easily-bought, rap-loving hoodlums dumb enough to vote for this clown in that state.

Tom Are says:

The corrupt office that allowed this isn't doing a government job. Who looks over this stuff, a plastic figurine judge?

James Williams Junior says:

Unreal they are trying to blame black votets when WHITE MEN AND WOMEN elected Trump into office

James Williams Junior says:

It's not serious. If Biden can't overcome fuckin ye he doesn't deserve to fn win. This is ridiculous. I'm so tired of the excuses for Biden. Winning is on him

Mary Dahm says:

I’m sorry, but who REALLY would vote for Kanye? 🙄 He’s a hot mess

Visual vintage says:

Alright why the fuck dont we have laws preventing rich people from buying their way in to elections and ruining the democratic process yet

Theta Kongpancake says:

If Kanye wants to be president he only need be Joes vice o:)

Emblemed fate says:

I'd vote for him over Biden or trump

I still won't be voting for him

DLTD says:

He’s trying To divert votes …

What a piece of shi…8

Lou Luna says:

Can you imagine if somehow he pulls it off and wins the presidency.

cosmosofinfinity says:

You mean the state with the kids that called him a gay fish?

cloudyskiesnow says:

I would laugh my ass off if Biden loses because Kanye siphons away enough votes from him in swing states.

Jay Camacho says:

Yes there are people who are bigger idiots than the trump clan. Kanye fans the ones that think he will eventually bring back the old Kanye

Angel Anazco says:

Kanye is a delusional person he thinks he has the rights to get our votes. This year we need to get Trump out of the white house we won't survive with him in office.

ImInfinite MidWest says:

Ye fell off hard :/

Zach says:

Why do people placate this guy? He’s clearly going through a manic episode right now

WarScorn says:

The Republican Party will have a field day blaming everyone with the same skin color Kanye has when he steals enough votes from Trump.

jacob Fonseca says:

Watch he get 10% and get on the debate stage

elimos xlll says:

This is ridiculous. I was hoping that this was just a stupid publicity stunt, but guess not. He needs to go get help for himself, not run for president. We already have 2 unstable idiots running.

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