Kanye West Playing Sonic At Kid Cudi House

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Lil Benz says:

they later smoker craq and suked each other off

Kid*Apoc says:

What I wanna know is, if that’s not a crt (with RGB)what setup IS that?🧐

Bolu says:

People don't care that hes play sonic, filming dumb shit 😂😂💯🤦‍♂️

Joeki11a says:

Show him TLOU 2

jose cabrera says:

no one gonna talk about how clean those graphics look even tho it's from 1991

D4 B2 says:

It sucks when you can’t just play the game without it going live

7 7 says:

Kid asking Kanye for money again. Kanye put emphasis on that "I'm outta rings" decoded. stop asking me for money man lol.

Jack Hov says:

kid cudi❤️

Jayshon Hubbard says:

Most deff had me cheesin watchin this 😁😁

Standtall Standout says:

My man got a bowl cut

cmileyd says:

Where dat Turbografx album tho

JustDallas says:

Kanye be playing some games

Adrian Z says:

I really didn't think this was something I needed to see but I'm happy I did lmao

robyn williams says:

ayoooo im the first comment yo i accomplished sum☺️☺️☺️

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