Kanye West Postpones "Donda: With Child" Album Release

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Over the past week, Kanye West tweeted that his 10th studio album, “Donda: With Child, would be out today. But it is nowhere to be found.

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Hob Abreu says:

Wow I didn’t realize that Kanye was anti black. What I believe is Kanye is anti slave mentality which a lot of this generation of people suffer with. I believe Kanye is trying to break the chain of present day slavery mentality by trying to explain his beliefs without offending anyone but the subject is too sensitive in the climate that we are in. He should just lead by example. Kanye is evolving right before our eyes and a long the way he will receive criticism.

Bangerz Radio says:

Of course, Dre is mixing, shit might not ever come out

Charles the dancer says:

Dumb channel

Matthew Wong says:

Maybe is scared of Taylor ???

Colin Laws says:

Yo, stop trying to make him look crazy. This is what happens when politics and culture are totally screwed. 2020 USA is what's making him look crazy.

Ryan Sterling says:

Bipolar ain't just one illness and the last thing he needs rn to get help is you fuckheads who have no idea what your talking about shiting on him.

Blake F says:

No. How about you be thankful you just put your bed in your closet instead of having a meltdown infront of the entire world trying to run for president. I dont care if your offended it's easy to put back the bed what he did was basically life altering

warrior of the color red says:


Henrygigabit says:

You guys ain’t reporting anything new just rehashing shit other people said

Em Pl says:

We should stop labeling people “anti” for basic opinions (despite disagreements). Being controversial doesn’t make someone an “anti”.

miss Bemo says:

Stay out his business, he good 👍

Dexter Wilson says:

No one trusts mainstream media anymore

William Rodriguez says:

Free the king ye, y’all trying to make a “calm ye”

Reggiebone says:

He just need a colon cleanse

it’s lit says:

Why is kanye always doing this type of shit? Just drop the album on date or don’t say anything about it and drop it randomly when you want it.

Nicolas says:

none of you white people understand ye

Gustavo Pinon says:

Stop silencing ye, stop calming ye, let ye be ye. Just because he’s exposing Hollywood and the world elites and y’all trying to silence him

Antoine says:

there's bipolar 1,2,3,4. different mental illnesses. talk to a clinical doctor. sean king is an idiot.

Subscribe to Me says:

When’s it postponed til?

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