Karim Benzema has filled Cristiano Ronaldo's shoes at Real Madrid – Gab Marcotti | ESPN FC

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ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno and Gab Marcotti react to Real Madrid’s 1-0 win over Espanyol to take the Spanish giants to the top of the La Liga table. Moreno says Real Madrid “knows how to win” and are efficient despite looking underwhelming. Marcotti believes Karim Benzema could be most in-form player in the world with Robert Lewandowski’s campaign over and has stepped into former Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo’s shoes at the club.


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Dan Asiz says:

He has stepped up. Not filled. But stepped up

cjaime5137 says:

ESPN FC’s Stewart Robson- Zidane won’t last a couple of months in Real Madrid

Nsubuga Travour says:

U can't put Benzene in RONALDO is shoes. Come one. No one can at real madrid

MightyIrons says:

Lol I can’t remember the last time benzema scored 50 goals in a single season let alone every season for however long CR7 kept it up


That goal was a string of magnificent passes.💯

Dinoco Blue says:

I’m not saying Benzema is bad yes he’s one of the most underrated players of this past decade but saying he’s filled Ronaldo’s boots is kinda disrespectful to Ronaldo

I Got That PMA says:

Lol. Barca is in shambles and old and messi is finally declining a bit. Madrid hadn't won la liga or a champions league. So to claim Benzema has replaced Ronaldo in any way is ridiculous. This is without bringing statistics into the convo.

Nguegang Fabrice says:

You don’t fill the shoes of the GOAT

Thomas Richter says:

No he hasn't lol Benzema and Madrid are having a great season, but his numbers are not even in the same realm as Ronaldo's during his time at Madrid.

gazmend gavazi says:

Ronaldo: makes a back heal assist
Benzema: makes a back heal assist

Carl Dias says:

zidane's sub were not good enough, Hazard was not there today.

Gabriel Morales says:

Not even close to Ronaldo’s stature

Jose Hernandez says:

Benzema v Lewondoski

Mns Althard says:

Benzema is underrated but you can't fill the shoes of someone who scores 40+goals in all competitions year in year out

Nas Ruvim says:

If Madrid won the champions league

Ale: they wErENt SExY To wATCH

Just stop criticizing teams if they win give them credit for f*cks sake

itsXOXA says:

If this was a barca game and it finished 1-0 like this the title would of been about antoine griezmann not being able to fit in the squad or something. with him on the thumbnail. The fact is media nowadays are just bias but what do I know

MF Aphex Heads says:

I remember cr7 fans stating Real wouldn’t survive without him….where are they now?

It is currently cr7 who needs a world class team to provide him trophies..

Luka says:

He's been the savior of the last 2 seasons for Real Madrid and now he gets praise

Jake says:

Benzema is one of the most underrated players in football

Pintodxn says:

he certainly has, benzema is one of the best strikers in the world right now

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