Kim Kardashian Could Be Our Next First Lady as Kanye West Announces Presidential Run for 2020

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Kanye West has announced he’s running for President and people can’t stop talking about Kim Kardashian as the First Lady. I’m going to give you all the tea, so don’t go anywhere.

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Suesann C says:


cassandra militello says:

Does the US need more trouble than the rest at the moment no This is getting out of control

Loved ok says:

This is a joke we don't need people that don't like black women or someone that continues to copy black woman not a fan stop supporting them just because he's a black man dosen't mean he can make the world great again trump almost started world war 3 so no and he's racist that's how you know he doesn't even support his own color

Paul Cousino says:


live14 hard says:

Hope fucking not

Danyel YOUNG says:

If Kanye runs for president and wins what is he gonna do turn our laws to catchy rap verse. And what is Kim gonna do teach everyone how to hide plastic surgery for like a year and teach ur moms how to release a sex tape and make millions and marry a basketball player then marry a rapper who is running for president. AMERICA hasn’t gotten that low with picking presidents right smh

Toyreon says:

Ok end my existence now!

emma Caldwell says:

Please Kanye West is ready too become president. We already got someone in office now still doesn't know what hes doing and his vice president. Dont need another person like that.

Elena Builes says:

Oh please ok.. must states closed the ballot.. hello.. new music coming please and please…

Elizabeth Hart says:

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Davida says:

Stop reporting this!! Not everyone can think for themselves…. Ugh just saying….

Pixie Lawrence says:

😂😂😂😂 isn't Trump enough❓❓❓

chrstan dabrat says:

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Karen Deihimi says:

We haven’t gotten that low.

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