Kim Kardashian Reacts To Kanye Slamming Donald Trump In New Interview

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Kim Kardashian reaction to Kanye’s latest Forbes interview is revealed according to a new report. Plus, Kanye shades POTUS in a new freestyle. #KimKardashian #KanyeWest #KylieJenner

Rob Kardashian has become so body confident that he’s now sharing selfies of how he can see down to his feet, as his belly has completely flattened out. Fans are loving his incredible weight loss makeover.

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jazziebabie925 says:

One thing I can say about Kanye is after he said that Harriet Tubman shit he literally said I want to listen to you I want to know why you're angry let's sit down and discuss it listen to povs and that's awesome. Life's about learning and listening

Cartier231 says:

Ye For President ✊🏿

Fruity Juicees says:

00:00 what is this Background sound??

Monserrat Fierro says:

Kim wants to be president kanye would be vice president then all the KARDASHIANS would move to the white house and run Naked that's what they do BEST GOOD luck America moving to another PLANET AMEN

Tarmo Tyyri says:

All these useless celebrities taking up space & time from much bigger & important issues mankind is facing.

Vernell Baha says:

Call me st 7pm

Vernell Baha says:

Kim you are FINE keep them talking Baby. 🤗

Xtinct says:

Nuckin fut couldn't win a spelling bee

Haniy Shaban says:

The way this woman talks is so annoying holy shit

E Randco says:

We have enough insane people running our government. And Kardashian! Where to start. She belongs in a strip clubhouse not the White House.

Infertile Myrtle says:

Well pick better candidates that Kanye CAN’T beat then.

GoatTheBoat 2 says:

Don't be looking down on Kanye y'all don't got no room to talk about nobody Only God can judge like Tupac said

GoatTheBoat 2 says:

I pray for Kanye I'm not talking down on this man I'm not y'all I pray for him because his mama came to me in a dream way back here and told me to pray for him if y'all cannot pray for somebody and y'all talkin down on somebody y'all don't need to say anything

Morne Pretorius says:

Good luck USA your going to need it. Apart from the fact you now have the highest death rate of covid 19

SMH says:

Waste of time CLICK BAIT

Beech Puddin says:

I LOVE Kim Kardashian blue gown, her NEW dressing style is more in tune with her PERSIAN origins 😎

S Quinney says:

He has never voted so he needs to take a seat. Put him in a rubber room.

Nottotv says:

This is irresponsible Hollywood life.. The guy has bipolar and off his meds. Stop reporting on him.

Ed Wood says:

Egocentric celebrities pass opinion on egomaniac president..

Fi Derbyshire says:

You are eye candy 😍 and you’re great at what you do 👍✌️

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