Kushner: 'Kanye's Been A Friend Of Mine' | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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Jared Kushner explains why he met with Kanye West as Republican operatives try to get Kanye on the ballot. Aired on 8/13/2020.
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Kushner: ‘Kanye’s Been A Friend Of Mine’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC


Robert Fraser says:

Was that claymation?

Red Eileen says:

This thing has children!

Gregg O'Neill says:

Eli Manning and Lil Wayne were a better collaboration.

MrLoobu says:

He has great ideas fer fer…fer fur?….

Francisco Parra says:

What a sissy boy this fella!😂😂😂

Joe Meza says:

You got be stupid to take Kanye seriously.
I have a dog smarter than him (or both) here at home.

Reynaldo Rios says:

Kushner unqualified to handle the cid19 virus that they don't want to cure so they can rig the elections with kanye. That is why traitorous and treasonous trump his family and regime are maniacal and psychopathic pathetic lying S.O.B.S perpetrating a fraud as a president, Ag and jared in charge of cid19.!

Rhimera lemuse says:

Kanye West is the #2020PORNSTAR on the payroll at #TRUMPENCEMATTRESS.

R L says:

Looks like someone is already producing Androids to penetrate business and government! But they didn’t do very well with the speech algorithm for the Mnuchin prototype or the deadbeat blank stare of the Zuckerberg prototype but this Kushner must be one of those total failure prototype that accidentally got released from the lab.

L G says:

What a bullshitter! Kushner is a silver-spooned nimrod.

Max M. says:

This guy is a creepy psycho and repulsive.

Bob Howard says:

Kanye's wife saying he is having mental issues, Jared the friend is like 'hey wanna run for president?"

The seeker says:

His name was Cannon Hinnant.

Jackie Siebrass says:

Yeah sicko stick together…hilarious stupity by cons

chas pipin says:

Jared was also an old friend of George Flord.

3LD says:

It would be clever to run a smart Black man or women, but it would be extraordinarily hard, if not impossible to find one willing to play Trump's stooge, but to pick a mentally ill stooge, well that's not so smart.

Charles Butler says:

So who's is on their knees doing who or grabbing their ankles bending over saying deeper don't stop

Lance Armstrong says:

Oh….the sorry excuse of a son-in-law…move along folks, it’s just another Trump stooge!

David Benard says:

Their using Kanya as a patsy puppet that can't be held legally responsible for his actions or Putin's either !! These Scum of the EARTH Republican's will stop at nothing , lie , cheat or steal ! Wake Up Americe and make sure you VOTE for the SOUL OF AMERICA !

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