Kylie Jenner and the Different Types of Tippers | Jade is Arielle

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Don’t be the last 2 tippers! Let me know if there are other types of tippers out there.

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AfroSamurai215 says:

$100 for a carrot….😶

That carrot better give you X-ray vision, or something for that amount.

Orange Puhh says:

Hahaha I usually dont look at my friends Bill's.

Nicholas Blair says:

loved this! love your puggy too hehe.

you should do a awkward anime situations skit or trope if you will
you should do the zoro and sanji from one piece trope where their faces like magnetically attract toward eachother and almost kiss

or one where the dazed female protagonists wakes up in the arms of who she thinks is her crush in the anime and kisses him but it’s actually her girl best friend and they’re both like “O_O”

would you ever do either of these? i feel like you could pull the first one off with the split screen effect like you did in this vid

Malachi Blood II says:

I really wonder what goes on in your mind when you make these videos 😂 😂 😂

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