Lionel Messi – Best Chip & Lob Goals – HD

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Lionel Messi – Top Chip and Lob Goals – HD


Fad3nHD Production

The best chip and lob goals of Leo Messi.

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Fad3nHD says:

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Colocho Lopez says:

Messi, the Master le chips

Ruban Siju Jacob says:

Good job. Best youtuber I ever seen

Santiago Barberena says:


Craig Stewart says:

Words just aren't enough 😁👍

ÄĐAMeu xd says:


VamosBlaugrana says:

D10S del futbol

Pratham Purohit says:

His chips and lobs are absolutely world class, THE 6OAT 🐐..

michael buffour says:

Love yr videos yr a legend 👍

Agung Ardiansyah says:

we love king Leo from Indonesia

Kraistbath Manda Sangma says:

Messi the great

Lionel Messi says:

Great video😍💖

Samy says:

Best in history

Rami Style says:


GameSlack says:

Messi Vs Ronaldo – For National Team

Messi Argentina career is better than Ronaldo career with Portugal

1. Messi was 5x times the best player of the tournament (1x World Cup, 2x Copa America, 1x World Cup U19, 1x Olympics) while Ronaldo Ox.

2. Messi has 15 goals and 20 assist in World Cups + Copa America while Ronaldo only 14 goals and 8 assists in World Cup/Euros

3. Messi's overall goal participation ratio is 0.82 while Ronaldo's 0.77

4. Messi has the most goal contributions in World Cup and Copa America history (35) while Ronaldo only 22 in World Cup/Euros

5. Messi has won the most MOTM awards in a World Cup (4x times while Ronaldo only 2x).

6. Messi has won the most MOTM awards in Copa America history (9x times while Ronaldo only 3x in Euro).

7. Messi has the most assists in Copa America history (12) while Ronaldo only has 5 assists in Euros.

8. Ronaldo scored 78 goals in World Cup/ Euro qualifiers and friendlies (79%) while Messi 54 (77%) in World Cup/Copa America qualifiers and friendlies.

9. Messi's opponent average FIFA ranking is #35 while Ronaldo's #52

10. Messi has 4 goals and 9 assists in Copa America knockout stages while Ronaldo only 3 goals and 3 assists in Euro knockout stages

11. Messi has 5 goal participations in knockout stages of the World Cup while Ronaldo 0.

Messi is much better for Argentina than Ronaldo for Portugal. The difference is Portugal can play as a team and Argentina not. Btw don't even try to come up with trophies cause these are team achievements and you compare players individual.

Messi GOAT

footballfan says:

Great video!

Pranav Pallipurath says:

If Messi went to the space

Aliens: Hi Brother long time no seeing

6ㄖ卂ㄒ Messix says:

4:6 Even CR7 celebrated Messi's goal by sliding on his knees😂😂😂

Ballantino Tong says:

Since his 1st goal was a chip or lob there was no dought he would be the king of lobing and chipping

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