Lionel Messi reportedly calls off Barcelona talks: End of an era or a political tactic? | ESPN FC

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With tensions galore at Barcelona, reports indicate Lionel Messi has called off renewing contract negotiations and is ready to leave the Catalan giants when his deal expires in 2021. ESPN FC’s Sid Lowe and Frank Leboeuf delve deeper into whether Messi will actually leave Barca and comment on the rising tensions at the club over recent seasons, headlined by the January sacking of Ernesto Valverde and reported rifts with current manager Quique Setien. Could Barcelona still compete against Real Madrid in La Liga without the Argentine? Leboeuf and Lowe say it’s “huge” that Messi would even consider leaving for a move to Argentina, Major League Soccer or even Qatar.
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Faris Asif says:

He's definitely not one of those players who would go to US or the other aforementioned countries right when he is in his prime. He can however switch clubs in europe and for what i think he would like to join pep guardiola at man city which is quite possibly the case given that he prosper under him and would once again wants to play for him.

Alex Xela says:

Barca is nnot the only club in the world. You are not happy, go play somewhere else. As the best player in the world you can play in any club! Stop trying fixing Barca.

Litu Kazy says:

lokkk I jst talk 3 causes..coulibali/pogba/ and change ds coach..thn see wht hpnd..acttuall need a bst defender and pogba..

Rocko J says:

Imagine bartamou sells messi hahahahahaha that would be fukn hilarious just give messi a slap in the face

mali says:

Messi will never leave Barca.

L-e-gendary says:

ESPN Biased: book at the back lol so funny

kwstas kwsta says:

Welcome to chelsea Messi 😊😊❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂

Superior MF7 says:

Bartomeu run the club Messi run the team

Christian C says:

Honestly if I was messi I would just dip and join juventus since I would want to win trophies for the remainder of my playing career days and try to win another UCL and with Ronaldo there it shouldn’t really be that hard 🤷‍♂️

narpan123 says:

Sure gets some raise.

3rilli TV says:

Oh so sid low is leonel messi now 🤔…..dude shut up only messi knows what's the truth being this

Duncan Morales says:

He needs a good squad to shine

irwan adnan says:

I am real madrid fan and i hope messi stay. Why? Bcos the longer messi stay, the longer the Messi dependence factor in and thats is itself dooming barcelona future. If i am a true visionary barca president, ill slowly reduce the messi dependency on the field as letting younger players with barca dna takes responsibility, and it may takes time. But its the correct way, just look at real madrid, they just need 2 season to found their feet back without cr7 while slowly build the team with young prospect to take over their legendary seniors.

Jeremy Allen #1 says:

It's all neymar fault if he never left this would never happen

ryan smith says:

Messi to Inter Milan?

Poptart Yt says:

Messi is doing the fans a favore

Keion Garnett says:

Messi should come to england

Paris Rogue says:

I don’t follow La Liga or stay up to date with Spanish football, can someone please explain what is going on at Barcelona? I seen the league table and they’re 4 points behind Madrid, which isn’t the end of the world, they always go back and forth them two for titles anyway, so what’s actually going on?

Marcelo Hendrix says:

this would be the perfect time for messi to join city

Ashley Rajkoomar says:

Come to Man Utd!

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